I guess the sheer power of this thing meant you had fun everywhere. I remember I used to always go home over the hill at the bottom of Shannon Ave., because if you timed the lights right you could fly over the intersection at about 60kph with the front wheel off the ground. That was fun.


I only did it once, and I swear there was no other traffic around. I had this thing up to 265 kilometers per hour for what I thought was a considerable distance (but its hard to judge at that speed) on the Old Melbourne Rd out near home one day. Bloody quick. And effortless too.


White lines on the road get very slippery in the wet. Evidence of this was obtained while turning right into Moorabool St. one (wet) morning. Half way through the manouvre, and at considerable speed, I cut over the line-marking with both wheels and proceeded to drift out slowly, whilst assuming a more horizontal disposition. Shit that was close! All I could think about was how expensive it would be to replace the fairing!


Not-a-one I am pleased to say. I shudder to think what it would cost to repair any damage to that Kevlar fairing or any of the alloy castings.

    However, there was an 'incident' that always makes me laugh involving an innocent jogger.

    I was on my way to work over the Shannon Ave route, rounding the bend at Balyang Sancturary, when I decided to use the emergency stopping lane as the traffic had come to a stand-still. Around a more or less blind corner came a jogger using the same piece of road that I needed.

    I think I surprised him a bit, 'coz he leapt into the bushes at the side of the road with arms and legs going everywhere. I pissed myself laughing all the way to work.
    Needless to say I didn't go that way to work for a while.