Well, this was my first street-bike, so every time I took it out, I had fun. Splitting lanes of traffic waiting at lights, fun. Dragging them off when the lights change (yes, you could do it!), fun. Cranking it over around every corner you come across, fun. Going out of your way to find as many corners as you can on the way to work, also fun. Being late for work because you were fanging around the streets, not fun, but you get over it.

    Looking back on it (through the mist), I'm sure it was the introduction to commuting on a motorcycle I was enjoying so much. This bike was nothing special, and even a little stodgy, but the things I could do on it opened up a whole new world to me, and it was FUN.


Didn't really matter much. It would sit on the open-road speed limit, and keep you out of trouble. As well as getting in to some.


Every trip was a lesson.


Nothing too serious, and always 'single vehicle' incidents. I could justify them all as 'learning experiences', but some times it takes a while for the lessons to sink in :)

    Probably the one I remember best involved a steeply-cambered, tight, downhill left-hander around the bay here. I came in to it a bit too quick, grounded the left foot-peg (which wasn't that hard to do on the older bikes), and slid on my back-side across the road into the path of an on-coming car.

   Fortunately the driver saw it happen and had braked in time, but I got up, and waved to him, still holding the left hand-grip that had slid off the end of the handlebars.