This bike is my benchmark. Everything about this bike was fun fun fun. Heaps of power, one of the best handling bikes of its time, and legendary race-inspired engineering. Not once did it refuse to start.


We used to ride around a fair bit (Russell on his 900FZ, Carty on his waterbottle and me) at around 160+ clicks. I saw 220 on several occasions, and the bike didn't mind a bit. Even though it wouldn't wind out any more, it felt as if it could. This bike was a real hoot.


Under the heading of 'things to watch out for on new tyres' (part II)

    I had stopped at the Mall in town after having a new Pirelli Phantom fitted. They were 'the business' at the time, and all the boy-racers had them. I left going up Moorabool street at a great rate of knots, but nothing I hadn't done before. All of a sudden the back wheels steps out, and I'm going up the hill sideways like the pros' not backing off, shitting myself all the way!

    Probably looked as if I knew what I was doing :)


The one that cost the most to repair would have to be the 'Marlo incident'

    On one of Pat Hoare's annual runs, a group of about 10 bikes in two columns were stopped at a set of lights just outside of Sale. All of a sudden one of Pat's mad mates comes barreling through and collects about three of us! Some guy had his pillion peg ripped off, and his passenger got a sore foot out of it. I got a cracked muffler, a bent and twisted right handle bar, and a cracked speedo glass. We didn't want to straighten the handle bar in case it snapped off completely, so I ended up riding to Marlo and home with one hand half-way down the front forks. Still beat Pat through the Brutheren section tho'(disclaimer-Pat W A S on the 'Frog' - an old dark green CB750K1!).

    Another stationery bike episode occurred some time later at the bottom of Pigdons Rd while I was waiting to turn up into Deakin. A woman coming down Pigdons Rd and facing a give way sign ran in to me! What can you say?

    Possibly the most annoying accident happened when the bike was only 2 days old. I was turning into South Valley Rd on the way home from work when a woman pulled out of her parking place and did a U-turn in front of me! No real damage, but I managed to get a 4-into-1 system for the cost of a replacement muffler.