VF750FD    page 2

Petrol tank was locked, and none of the three keys I was given would open it, so I took it to a locksmith to get it open. It was a real mess, with some stale fuel, and a heap of rust. Plan B is to find a replacement at some stage. Hooked up a temporary supply, fitted the new gel battery that arrived, and fired her up. Got it to run OK, but seems like an air-leak somewhere. Needs the choke on to run. Good enough for me I thought, so lets pull her to bits.

Got to work on the wheels next. I tend to remove all the bolts and put them in the plating tank as I come across them, so all the wheel hardware got the new zinc treatment. A little 0000 steel wool followed by Autosol, and they've come up pretty well. Got some gold spray paint, and masked off to re-do the cast hubs. That's a job I only want to once!

Took the forks apart to replace the seals, and gave them a coat of satin epoxy while they were apart.

Took to the motor with some degreaser, then some scotchbrite pads, then shot it withsome satin black engine paint. Sanded back the edge of the fins to expose the silver.