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Classic "barn-find" from Little River

I got this little "gem" from a friend of a family member, who had it sitting outside around at his farm unloved and unused for years. I'm reluctant to call it a barn-find, because a) we don't have barns over here, and b) it was outside in the elements anyway.

Apart from spending all my money and time on the 900, I didn't want to invest too much in this project until we had the paperwork sorted. In order to prove transfer of ownership of an unregistered vehicle I had to organise a Statutory Declaration from the previous owner saying he has given the bike to me. Problem was that in the meantime, this guy had moved a couple of hundred Kms away, and tracking him down, getting him to sign in front of a JP/Police Officer witness, and send the papers back took some time, but we're good to go now.

Here she is the day I got her home:

and those iconic pipes:

Probably fair to say there's a bit of work ahead of me, but it seems to be (mostly) complete.