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I have no idea why this bike was parked up, but I thought some mechanical catastrophe was to blame. I pulled the plugs, and poured some oil down the holes and let it sit for a couple of days. I gently tried the kick starter, and all the little bits and pieces seemed to be moving in the right direction, so after a few more rotations, I hooked a battery up and tried the electric start. Again, all good, so I hooked the compression tester up, and got good readings from the outside two cylinders. My gauge wouldn't fit in the centre two, but that was at least promising. A few months later, and the readings are still strong. The speedo has 15000 Kms on it, and I'm thinking that could be accurate. I pulled the clutch apart, and there's very little wear. All the valves were within spec. The rear brake shoe is almost new, and the disc pads look great too. Footpeg rubbers show very little wear. I'm starting to think he just got sick of riding it? I haven't tried to start it yet, because I drained the oil and can't find the spring that goes in the filter-housing. I've also rebuilt the carbs, and they're ready to go back on.

Time to start stripping this little beast. In no time at all, she was in bite-sized pieces.

The Plan

Well, I should state from the outset that this might not be a 'restoration'. To be honest, I'm not sure how it will end up, but I will be doing some suspension mods just to bring her up to date a little bit. Having felt the difference it made to my 900, I'm not sure I could settle with a straight 'restoration'. To this end, I started playing with a few bits I had lying around (still unsure if I'd get the paperwork), and fitted a pair of cbr600 F2 forks to the 400 stem. The originals were shot anyway. 2 new bearings for the wheel, a couple of spacers, bingo bango - new front end. The next challenge was to mount a pair of disks for the twin calipers. After initially trying some 900 units, I settled on a pair of cbr900 floating disks. Much cooler. I also pulled the front wheel apart to see if I could re-spoke these things myself. Turns out I can

I needed a couple of spacers/adapters turned up, but my brother came to the party, and made 2 16mm aluminium plates with a centre boss that fit perfectly. I drilled and taped 4 holes for the new disks, and was able to use the 5th and 6th holes + another 2 to mount the whole lot to the hub using the original 4 holes. Sound complicated, but I only ended up drilling 2 new holes.