CB400F super Sport    page 3

Well guys, I finally got around to trying to start this little beast. I put together a rough harness to give me ignition, oil pressure and charging.

So here we go. This isn't the first start, but it's not long after. Probably took no more than 2 minutes to get her to fire and run.

After some time it became apparent there was an issue with #3 pot. The exhaust wasn't getting as hot as the others, and it seemed to be missing. I checked the spark again, and swapped plugs, and saw #3 was a bit oily. Fired her up again, and sure enough, blue smoke coming from #3 pipe. Bugger. I think I found the reason this bike was parked up all those years ago.

Time to pull some covers. Fortunately it seems you can do a top end strip of these with the motor in the frame! win! 

Anyway, barrels are now off. Bore looks OK in all. Pistons and rings seem OK too. None broken, and all there. 

I'm thinking it might be valves/guides/seals. Then I noticed there are no valve stem seals at all on the exhaust valves? They seem to have a different end, and the gasket set I bought awhile ago only has 4 (inlet) seals.

I've lapped the valves, and they all pass the petrol-leak test, so the heads is good to go back on now. I've also picked up a big-bore kit for it, so that should take care of any piston/ring/bore issues ;-)

Head ready to go:

Also got my order from David Silver Spares:

And painted everything satin black: