CB400F super Sport    page 4

Finally got my barrels back from machining, and have fitted the new pistons. Boy. That was a fiddle. Working on 4 small pistons takes some patience. I'm thinking a 450 twin would be easier to work on. Maybe next time.

Well, been laid up a bit, but managed to re-assemble the motor in 465cc form, and fired her up. Took all of about 15 seconds on the starter I reckon. I'll post a vid. once my DSS replica exhaust arrives ::) In the meantime, I've been experimenting with paint.

Don't worry, it ain't checkers ;D I've actually tried a FOOSE finish on the silver, and brushed it in one direction with a scotchbrite, then cleared. I could probably make it work better, but this is just a mock-up and it doesn't show at all in the pics >:( It's actually a bit of an homage to the mighty CBX tank.

I've run some red pin tape down the sides which should tie nicely with the red pearl frame I think I've settled on ::) My dilema now is the age-old "do I run the stripe against the edge (as on the left-side of the mock-up), or leave a silver margin like the right-hand side?"

Just to put it in context a bit, the motor is also black, and as I mentiond, the frame will be red. Thinking of satin black side covers to match the stripe, and of course the CBX ;D

Oh. ignore the extra long plug leads - I'll trim those later ::)

Got my repro DSS exhaust. Finish is really good, but there seems to ba a problem with number 2 aligning with collector.

Gee these ignition plates are easy to use.If you can pick one up, I'd certainly recommend it. It even has a built-in LED timing light! how cool is that!