CB400F super Sport    page 5

Got my rims and spokes they other day, so guess what the next job is:

yep. Take all this stuff to someone who knows what they're doin'  ::)

Just kidding. You'd have to have a go wouldn't ya? What could go wrong? I've seen the youtube how-to videos.

Unfortunately the first step will be to prime and paint the hubs because they're just not cleaning up all that well. They will be the same silver as the (mock-up) tank.

Time to tackle the fork rebuild. Just had to wait for the appropriate manual and seals.

Good weather for painting today, so that's what I did.

Coat of etch primer on the fork sliders, lower triple and hubs

Forks/triple got the satin black epoxy

Hubs got the silver. Just need to clear coat them.

I should be able to start re-spoking soon, although I will need to replace the rear bearings first. Don't want to be pounding on my new paint. Onwards and upwards.

...And here's some I prepared earlier:

Haven't tightened the rear up yet because I'm waiting for a proper spoke spanner, but the front is trued to about 0.2mm which is withinh spec, but the tension still needs tweakin'.

Cut to the end....