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While there seemed to be planty of tank badges on ebay, none of them where a match for the ones on this bike. While I waited for the right ones to pop-up, I thought I'd try to restore the originals.

Undamaged, other than being weather-beaten.

First step is to strip all old paint from the metal base.

I used an old toothbrush to apply the paint stripper, then ran the 'outlines' over the polishing buff just to give them a bit of a clean-up. Then I wiped them down with some thinners to clean off any residual polish.

Using double-sided tape, I stuck the badge on to a piece of aluminium I bent to match the curve for some support, and to make it easier to handle without touching the badge itself.

Masked and painted black.

I masked to the outer edge of the raised outline, then sprayed on a couple of thin coats of satin black. It's important to spray from as many angles as you can to get the most even coverage. The cross-hatching between the letters makes it difficult to cover with straight passes. you also have to make sure to hit all the egdes of the casting.

Once the paint has dried, peel the masking off.

For the white mask, You need to cut from the inside edge of the raised outline. This will leave the outline the unpainted chrome finish.

Masked for white coat.


All done, and looking pretty good.



Not sure if the screws are still available or not, so I painted them anyway :-)

So feeling confident that nothing could go wrong (!), I attempted to rescue the sidecover badges as well. While one of these was OK, the other was fairly beat-up. Most of the chrome had gone-along with the paint-and there were some scratches on the metal. This is the best of the two, with the chrome in a 'servicable' condition:


So I started the process again by stripping all the paint, then masking up and painting the black background. While I was doing this I thought that a brushed finish might look good on these, because the sidecovers themselves are finished in a satin black.


Stripped of paint, and first try at a 'brushed' finish on the raised section


I also figured that I could finish painting the internal space of the GS lettering, then hand paint the red DOHC, and if I were to sand back the raised outines to a brushed finish, it would neaten up any messy fills.

So that's what I did. The red and black are both satin finishes, which sits niceky behind the brushed silver outlines.


It's not stock, but I reckon it's what they should have done ;-)

I had to tackle the faded lettering on the guage cluster eventually, seeing as it was the only thing letting them down after the rest cleaned up so well. I ended up using a piece of aluminium as a sort of 'stamp pad'. Looks like this:

I masked the areas surrounding the lettering to prevent any accidental bleeding. I thinned some white acrylic laquer and applied an even 'film' to the bottom of my 'pad'. I placed it over a raised line of lettering then rocked it gently up and down, then lifted it up. I washed the paint off the pad and re-applied it for the next line. All in all, it worked really well, and it looks pretty good:

Looks pretty darn good. Nice clear letterforms, and no stray paint :-) Unfortunately I don't have a 'before' picture, but there was next to no paint at all left on the lettering.

An hour or so with the sander turned these:

into a much more appealing and billet-like version: