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The wheels were the first thing tackled. They had been painted completely black, so they were stripped, masked, then painted the stock pattern again.

please be patient. The images are hosted by photobucket and may take a little while to download. It will be worth the wait :-)
A fresh coat of satin black epoxy.

New bearings went in, and Brendan had some Dunlop 501s fitted.

All ready to roll.

All the frame parts have been powdercoated either satin or gloss.

Compliance tag has been cleaned and re-attached

Side covers have been painted satin, and the badges attached. New mounting hardware has been ordered.

Original finish was satin black

Frame has gone back together without too many dramas.

Lots of new powdercoating, new chrome and plating.

Missed the intermediate pics—couldn't find the camera :-(

We decided the easiest way to get the motor in was to lay it on it's side, and drop the frame over it. We had plenty of man-power on the job, and it seemed like a better use of resources. After I removed a couple of brackets that were in the way, in went on (in?) like a treat. Tightened all the engine-mounting bolts and brackets, then we stood it up.


Just like a real motorbike


...and again.

and just for fun:


Now we get to put all the shiny new bits on...





Brendan has painted the body panels the base coat of gloss black. Fitted the front mudgaurd because the brake guy is coming on Friday to make up the braided lines, and we'll need it on to get the clearance right.

tank on

The brake lines were made on site and look really cool. A 'smoked' plastic covering. Stainless fittings as well.

front dsik

rear dsik

rear wheel

530 chain and sprockets were also fitted.

The exhaust system was cleaned up a bit and painted so we could eventually take it down to the mechanics and he would be able to fire it up after the valve clearances were set.

front on

Tank has also been clear-coated before decals are applied

front on

The brake guy gave me some clips to help organise the lines and cables around the front end. We went for a line running from the master to each caliper-removing the front junction, and hopefully gaining better performance. This meant we had to manually spread the lines to keep them off the front mudgaurd. This solution does that, and also holds the tacho/speedo cables neatly. Win :-)

measuring the tank

The decals arrived, so I prepared the tank and tailpiece by wet-sanding the clear coat.

first stage

Just need to find the center, and give myself a couple of guides (the blue tape).

removed the backing

All good once the backing tape is removed


The sides were a little more tricky due to the complex curves, but worked out OK.


finished tank

finished tank

And just because I could, I put the badges on to see how it looked

Just need to let them sit for a week, and then put the final clear-coats on.

clear coat applied

Clear coated

clear coat applied

Got the seat back the other day. This is as much of the bike I have at the moment. The rest is still with the mechanic.

Well, I wasn't happy with the clear coat, so I sent it to a spray painter for the final coat. Got the bits back and they look great. Just waiting on a new front master cylinder reservoir to arrive from ebay, then it's off for a roadworthy. Next stop - registration!

professional paint job

Top coat courtesy of a professional spray painter. Worth every penny ;-)

professional paint job

professional paint job

...and that's about it. The next pic should have a numberplate attached to the rear fender