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Younger brother had a CB900FA, just like the one I used to have—'cept blue. It was originally a Police bike, bought as a fleet for a CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting) conference held here around the time when these were new. Until then, the cops were on CB750s. They must have been pleased with the upgrade :)
    Anyway, he pulled it apart a long time ago, always planning to do it up a bit. Somewhere along the way he bought himself a new Fireblade, and, well, the old 900 was left in boxes around at mum's for what seemed like would be the rest of its life.
    In an act of extraordinary generosity, it found its way to my place, still in the boxes, but with a workshop manual to help me put it all back together. We have *most* of it to work with. The motor was taken to a mate's place for some tinkering, but nothing was ever done. I should also mention that this is not a restoration project at this stage, merely an inexpensive (I hope) way back in to motorcycling.
     In the meantime, I've stripped the frame and plastics, and will proceed to freshen up the old girl a bit.
     I've taken the head in to have the valves fitted, and by coincidence, the mechanic is the same guy that pulled it apart ages ago. Spooky eh? Here's hoping he can still read his writting identifying the parts :)

The process

Started working on this in March 2001. First step was to strip everything that wasn't in bits, and paint the frame red.

Prepared body panels for spraying.


Test-fit of panels

The first experience with the Honda Spare parts dealer in over 16 years. A rear Master cylinder kit was ordered and returned because the (old) microfiche had an error. The correct part was twice the price!

Unfortunately, the motor had been pulled apart. I've also discovered the gasket kit I need to put it all back together costs about a third of the market value of the complete bike :(
 At least I have a manual :)

Good news and bad news...
 The bad news is the valves and adjusters have been pulled apart too.
 The good news is only the exhaust valves need to be re-fitted.