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Well, the electrics didn't turn out to be the drama I had anticipated. The hardest part was stuffing all those connectors into the headlight shell while still leaving enough room to fit the headlight.

Things to do while you wait...part one
 I had a bit of a time while I waited for the head to be re-assembled, so I decided to pull the rear shocks apart to tart them up a bit. The original chrome had passed its use-by date, so I gave the body and spring a coat of paint.

Things to do while you wait...part two
The finish on most of the alloy was fairly pitted, so I pulled all the alloy covers and polished them, and wire-brushed the cases in preparation for painting.

One can of engine enamel, and a few hours at the buffing-wheel later...
  Things have improved considerably. Also changed most of the 6mm bolts for black hex-key studs for a neater appearance.

Things to do while you wait...part three
I had a niggling feeling in the back of my head that the colour wasn't right. I'd always wanted a gunmetal grey, but somehow ended up getting a bronze.
 Well, it's now the colour I intended it to be.