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I've had to replace the oil seals in the front forks
Seemed like a good opportunity to give the bottom fork legs a coat of paint.

Well, it seemed to go back in the frame without too much drama. A push here, a pull there, and a lever just at the back to wiggle it in.


Just because I could, I added an accent to the rear cowl by fading some black to grey, and edged it with some pin-stripping tape.

The end. (?)

Had the seat recovered, new tyres, chain and sprokets, got the roadworthy certificate and registration, and bingo bango, I'm back in the saddle again. Haven't stopped smiling yet :) Bike was back on the road around May 2002.

Well, there you go. From a box of bits to a re-born 80s classic supebike. Because the original cop speedo has been removed, I have no idea how many actual kilometers this bike has done, but I could guesstimate, based on the theory that they replace similar vehicles at 20k, that she may be up around the 68k mark? There's no unusual rattles, no smoke, and she pulls like a truck until the old familiar powerband at around 7000 RPM then she just gets up and goes! Gee I've missed that :-)

So we fast forward to around August 2004 with lots of trouble-free kilometers under our belt. This is what she looked like just before I had another 'urge'

That's another chapter of course, and it continues here