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Well, it was just a matter of the weather turning cold. It had always been in the back of my mind to do a restoration on my FA. Initially the task was to just rebuild her as a regular ride-to-work bike. The rebuild went well, and I was very pleased with the way it turned out. As I started to polish some chrome here, replate some there, and source spare parts from the web I began to realise that I wasn't too far off returning this girl back to a stock condition. I don't have, and have no intention of getting, a standard exhaust system, and I've had the seat recovered to match this colour scheme, but apart from that, I reckon I'm nearly there.

I'd bought a complete set of body panels to paint during summer, so I could still ride around. The warmer weather is also better for spray painting :-)

After much searching, I eventually found a paint company that could make sense of the Honda factory codes, and bought myself a litre of "Pleiades Silver", which has been applied liberally to all panels.

I managed to find a firm in England the produces the appropriate Reproduction decals, and these have been applied to the panels without drama. I have applied three clear coats to date, but will slap a couple of more on before I wet-rub them back and polish them.

Panels before clear-coat

I have about half a litre of paint left, so I may also paint my original panels later and get a set of decals for the FC model for them, which I've sourced from an American company. A nice, quick update :-)

A week of 10 degree days, and it was time to bite the bullet. The spanners came out, and boxes and containers started to fill up with bike bits. As I went along, I sorted them into bits that would be powder-coated gloss, bits that would have a satin finish, and parts that would need to be nickel-plated. I had already chromed everything that needed it.

Half-way there

All these bits will be powder-coated gloss black

These will have a satin black finish

Assorted bits for zinc-plating