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Well, we're nearly there. This was taken during a break in my 'indicator troubleshooting' For some reason all indicators were flashing at about twice the proper rate. I intitially suspected a bad earth/connection around all the connectors in the headlight shell, because everything was working fine before I dismantled it. I was getting nowhere, so decided to dress her up as a distraction.

ride hand side

I have an original seat coming from the States, thanks to ebay, but in the meantime I'll use the one I have. Beats not riding at all.


My little plan seemes to have worked, because I attacked the problem a bit later and managed to sort it out. I'd purchased a pair of rear indicators a while ago (yeah, ebay :-), and there were for the US model, which is wired for rear running lights as well. In a momentary lapse of concentration, I had made a decision that the Green wire was the earth (following convention), and the red and black were the feeds for the indicator/running lights. To cut a long story short, the blacks are grounds, and the green and reds are active. I must have sorted this all out originally, but forgotten to remember it this time around.

left hand side

No, the greens are *not* earthed, they are the active feed for the running lights, which we don't use here. I should have taken this photo *before* I pulled them apart :-)