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The story continues...

Well, fast forward about 2 years with everything running smoothly. No problems of any sort, and no breakdowns at all. Foolishly, I bought a compression tester (yeah, ebay again), and decided to I should just 'have a look-see' at the old girl. The motor had about 65K on it, and while I hadn't detected any "issues", it seemed like a good idea at the time. Naturally enough there was a bit of variation between the pots which niggled away at my sensibilities, so I decided there was only one course of action. It was rebuild time! I initially suspected worn rings because the head was inspected and re-assembled for my initial rebuild way back in 2001. After checking the rings were OK however, it turned out to be leaking exhaust valves in number 4.

Doesn't matter. The motor was in bits, so I took the opportunity to check everything for tolerances. Main and big-end bearings were worn, so they were the first things to be ordered. I had an issue with the oil pressure warning light flickering off and on for a couple of days too, so it seemed like a good opportunity to investigate that as well. The oil pump rotors were a slightly scored, so I eBay-ed a replacement for that.

main bearing shells main bearings

I took the head to a mate in the craft, and he's shaved it a little to clean it up a bit. He's also cutting new seats for all the valves.

head planner

shaving the head

serti machine cutting new seats

I also took the opportunity to zinc-plate all the major motor studs/bolts/nuts.


more plating

I've also decided to take a gamble on the valve-cover finish. I didn't want to get it chromed because they just don't look right, but was thoroughly tired of maintaining the polished finished. This is one pain-in-the-bum piece of casting to keep clean. I picked up a spare on ebay, and sandblasted it to give me a good key for the engine enamel. Time will tell if it remains tidy, but I can always revert to the original cover later if it doesn't stand up.

valve cover

Aluminium engine enamel

I even managed to paint the inside of the motor :-)

inside crankcase

silver outside, gold inside