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It's been over a year since I've done any serious work on the bike now, so it's time to pull something apart :-)

I finally managed to apply the AFE decals to my second set of panels that I've painted in the Honda Candy Red of the era:

ride hand side

Baking the clear coat :-) Also had a Boomerang comstar powder coated. I'll finally be able to fit a rear tyre with a reasonable width.

This was her Saturday morning with the spare, spare rear silver boomerang

… and Sunday after the panel swap, with the VF boomerang

The most complicated part of this process is the front mudguard, because you have to drop the wheel, and to do that you've got to remove the calipers. You may also notice the blue persists on the exhaust. I have a factory 4-2 making it's way from Canada, and it should turn up soon.

I have for some time now had a small "tribute" design for recently lost "significant" influences painted on my tanks. Seems each re-build I do, I have to add another to the design :-(

Well, here she is as a finished project. I've got my paint, I've got my drilled discs, I've got my exhaust, and I've (finally) got my boomerangs on. I'll probably ride her around like this for a while and then get another 'urge' :-)