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Well, that urge has manifest itself again. This time in a departure from the 'restoration' theme, I've sourced a colour GMH are using on their Sports vehicles. It's called Atomic, and it looks fantastic when the sun hits it. Had a bit of trouble initially because there was a dlay in releasing the formula, but eventually manged to get a litre made up.

ride hand side

Close gives a bit of an idea of how the colour is affected by light.

This pic is a little pale, but you can see how the orange/red decals contrast with the paint.

All done, and assembled.

Since the "red" version, I've aquired a wider 17" rear rim from a VF1000, and fitted a 150/70 tyre. I've also got the 16x2.5 front rim from the same bike, and I'm toying with the idea of fitting that, with the eventual aim of upgrading to radial tyres.

Can't get over that pearl/metalic green :-)