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it was just a matter of time before exposure to some of the great modified bikes over at would take hold, and the urge to make some suspension improvements would take over.

To this end, the plan is to fit CBR600 wheels front and rear. This will open up my tyre selection to not only new Radials, but also much wider rubber. The rear is a relatively straight forward procedure, during which I will also fit my 1100 swing arm I'm refurbishing. To help me sort out fitment and alignment issues, I have scored a second frame I can use to mock everything up on. The best part about this is that I won't have to de-commision the bike while all this takes place.

I may have rushed into ebay without doing enough research, because my first purchase for this project was a CB600F1 front wheel. While this would do the job, I've since discovered that the F2 is wider by half an inch, and will fit using the same mods. It now sits in my 'wheel-rack' in the shed alongside the 16" VF front, and the 18x3" CBX rear that I also won't need now. Bummer.

ride hand side

The good news is the brake discs I have for the VF wheel will fit both the F1 and F2 rims. Sometimes you get lucky with interchangability.

Next was a CBR600 triple tree and stem. The upper is polished, but I doubt it will stay that way.

Also won a throttle control, front calipers and master cylinder from the same seller.

Biggest score to date is an F2 rear wheel with tyre. That will come in handy for mock-up to gauge clearances. Once I have it sorted, I'll replace the tyre.

Meanwhile, I've fitted the 1100 swing arm I have to the mock-up frame, and installed the rear wheel in an effort to align it. I've made the 11mm spacer for the left-side, and it looks as if the chain will align with the front sprocket. I have yet to install my mock-up motor/spocket to check, but I don't want to do that until I have the forks on just in case I have to shift this contraption. The weight is starting to add up already :-)

11mm spacer gives j-u-s-t enough clearance for the sprocket studs. I might end-up filing the tops down a bit too.

I was concerned about the different gap between shocks on each side, until it was pointed out to me that the mounting points on the swingarm are offset, with the left being further out to give clearance for the chain. You can see that in this pic, but it was something I hadn't noticed. I'm happy with that explanation.

Just in the background to the right is the ever-increasing number of rims and tyres I seem to be collecting. Everything from CBX to VFR, and now a redundant CBR F1 front :-(

Just picked up my caliper and bracket, so will soon be able to finalise the spacing issue. One of the problems to address is that of the brake-stop that prevents the caliper rotating around the axle under application. The 900/1100 has a rod attached from the swing arm to the caliper, but the 600 set-up relies on a cast 'tab' that locates in a slotted holder. It needs to be slotted to allow for the forward/back movement during chain adjustment.

The original set up looks like this:

which doesn't look too hard to fabricate, although I think there may be more gap between the caliper and swing arm once I mount it. The 600 swing arm is narrower than the 1100 one, and the caliper needs to remain in the same position relative to the disc rotor. The extra space may mean I have to make the 'tab' on the brake arm longer to reach the swing arm. Won't know for sure until it arrives..