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The front conversion is only slightly more complicated than the rear, with the most common method being to replace the complete front end with the donor set-up. The trickiest part of this is replacing the 600 steering stem with a 900 unit. While it is generally considered a straight swap, I've run into a spacing issue that needs to be addressed.

I've pushed the 900 stem out of the 900 trees, ready to insert into the 600 stuff.

Well, I thought it was ready to insert :-(

Turns out my lower 600 clamp is 10mm thinner than the 900 one, and to get the correct length, I need to insert a 10mm spacer before I press the stem in.


In what is quickly becoming an exercise in buying redunadant items, I managed to snag a set of F1 forks and triple trees


There's a chance the CBR triples I've been working on are have been mis-labeled. Once these arrive I'll try the same operation on them to see if they match any better.

In the meantime, I have my F2 front wheel, and will strip it after I'm sure it fits!