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New plan :-) I picked up a pair of 4-pot nissin calipers from a cbr900rr. I started trying to fabricate an adapter to fit them to the F2 forks as I'd seen done by a couple of guys, and I had a pretty good unit mocked up out of MDF that I was just aboutready to get machined.

Then I spotted a complete 900rr front-end that no-one seemed to be bidding on, and well, I found myself at Stage 3. The problem with the 900RR front end of course, is the 16" front wheel. Seeing as I had the F2 front end all sorted, I was able to determine that the F2 wheel *may* fit between the RR forks with a couple of spacers. The rotors were the same size, and looked like they may align with the calipers. There was nothing else to do but give it a try, so I did. I figured 2 6mm spacers either side would keep the wheel centred, and the rotors did indeed sit right where they were supposed to in relation to the 4-pot calipers.

Had these spacers knocked up:

The longer one replaces the right-side original, with the extra 6mm added. Next thing to do was re-think the handlebars set-up. I needed to drop the forks as low as I could to compensate for their shorter length, and this meant I wouldn't be able to use the RR clipons. I needed a pair of risers I could bolt to the top triple, and found a pair of a "400ex quad" (whatever *that* is!) that looked ok, and weren't too high. That meant I also had to find a pair of bars, and I found a set of Renthall motocross units that suited the look I was shooting for:

With a little work, the risers fitted OK, and the bars don't interfer with the adjusters on top of the forks. What ever they are!





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