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Spent the last couple of days tackling the battery box/electrics issue, and come up with this:

Got the solenoid and rectifier mounted on the left. I'll be using a gel battery obviously so that I can lay it on it's side, but for a mock up- this old thing is dimensionally the same.

Spark units, rear master, and flasher relay on the right, along with the bracket to keep the connectors organised.

and from the top:

I've used the rubber-mounting system similar to the original on the front pair of bolts, but I may also fit it to the rear.

I will also need to relocate the fuse panel from the triple clamp, but I want to get one of the modern 'blade' type. I've seen a couple on ebay off a CBR1000 that look like they'll do the job. That will be the last thing to fit here.

I'll need to re-arrange the loom to accommodate the moved units, but that's no big deal.

Got the brake rotors sorted:

off a CBR1000. Correct diameter (295mm), and correct stud pattern. That's the 600 disk on top of the one on the right.

I love it when a plan comes together - although, its about this time that I devise a *new* plan.

Also got a blade fuse-holder from the same bike:

which will be a lot neater solution. eventually. I'm thinking now I should try to keep it under one of the sidecovers, purely for accessibility? Would be a pain to have to pull the tank to check a fuse I reckon. Might manage to stuff something else up there tho' :wink:

on to some cosmetics.

Pushed the tailight back 65mm so it doesn't protrude past the ducktail:

I did this by chopping the 'tray' that the tailight mounts to, rather than make another bracket. I removed the indicator mounts because they fouled on the grab handles, but I won't be using them anyway. I'll mount aftermarket units later when I find a set that doesn't scream 'cheap set from china'.

While it looks better, I think I have time to explore some more options. Took the inner molding off, and cut out a template I can use to size a fibreglass replacement that finishes the lines off following the ducktail:

I'll make a positive mold that incorporates the HONDA graphic, and a couple of LED bars I've got coming thanks to the brilliant Ozzie dollar. Got a heap of other stuff on the way from the States as well ;) This is a photochop of what I'm shooting for:

My first time using fibreglass, so there may be tears. But it sure does smell good :D



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