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Rims are back, frame is done, and (some) fasteners have been plated or replaced. 

I'm still waiting for my new tyres, so in the meantime I've just slapped a couple of spares on to stop her from falling over. I've decided for the time being to focus on the front-end I know will work, and develop the USD unit a bit later (when my other frame is available). 

I have a mock-up motor I'm using to make sure it all fits together, and I've painted it charcoal. My original plan was to black it all out, but now I'm thinking I might OD on satin black? I like the looks of this better, which means I'll have to get *another* set of covers powdercoated, and keep the black ones for something else. 


The second motor didn't work out for me either because the cases are too badly damaged.:-s 

So this is the motor I'll be using/painting later when the weather turns to shit and I can pull apart my daily driver 


Got some powdercoating back: 


and one of the tyres mounted: 


The installer rang me to ask if I wanted it balanced, because it meant he would have to stick a weight on my freshly powdercoated rim. I thought that was considerate, but really, who would fit a tyre and not balance it?

so thing are moving, albeit slowly. 


I've put the 'conventional' forks on for the time being, because I can't be stuffed working out the ISD set just yet. 

I know these fit. Got my new calipers mounted (you can see the originals hanging by the lines), and need to measure the lengths for some more braided lines. Not sure the CBR900 replacement set will fit with these handlebars? 


Got all the wiring sorted, except for the (redundant) fuel gauge. It keeps flashing 'low' because it's not getting a signal. I'm looking at hard-wiring it to stop that, just waiting to hear back from the distributor. 


notice the handlebar-end device to stop me gouging (more) skin off me head while I'm bobbing around the workshop on my wheelie-stool wiring this sucker 


I'm really liking this 'metalic charcoal' paint. 


And a bit of news on the motor-front. I have a line on a CB1100 which will free up my 900 unit to transplant into this while leaving me a bike to ride in the interim. That makes me smile 


Still waiting for my rear tyre. I've had a bit of an 'incident' with the daily, and ruined a near-new rear radial. I've got to divert funds to replace that before I can get a new rear for my toy, so no bum-pics until I get rid of that old (CBX) comstar.

I'm having some trouble finding someone to weld my tank together. As soon a you mention 'petrol tank', all the panel beaters start shivering and sweating. Still, it's a big phone book. 

Well, all the panel-beaters around here are girls. 

None of them wanted to know about working on my tank. I bit the bullet and asked my brother if he could do it. Took a few heat/test/cool/fix cycles to get it fuel-tight, but I got there in the end.

This is probably the last guide-coat before I prime her up: 


I'll need to clean it all out again, because it has started to brown-up a bit with all that water going through it. Then I'll line it. 


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