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In the meantime, my new shed has been erected, and some sweet equipment has rocked up. Now have a lift to help my ageing back :-) So, I just had to stop welding benches, and do some assembly. First cab off the rank:

So, it seemed like a good opportunity to fit the new chain and sprokets I've been sitting on for weeks

And the second package turned itself into a blasting cabinet. With a bit of help from me  ;)

Naturally I had to try out the bag of soda that came with it. See if you can spot the diference:

Good news and bad news of the caliper front. I've just rebuilt them both and ordered new pads for them. I went to fit them up just now, and they don't fit.

I can clearance them for the rotor, but the mounting holes don't align. They're to far out by about 4mm.

Looks like I have a spare pair of brembos for my next project.

Anyway. Things are starting to move again on the project. I've ordered my decals, and they should be here soon. Now I can get to work painting shit :-)

This was waiting for me when I got home tonight:

Couldn't leave it in the box eh?

Also got a considerably smaller parcel:


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