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In the words of Spike Milligan... See. I told you it was hot in my garage!

That used to be a bar of polishing rouge. Admittedly it was sitting on a sunny-spot of the bench under the skylights, but I didn't expect to find it like this :-) 

Oh. The fridge survived, after I relieved it of some of it's contents.

A couple of cheap shots to distract from the fact I haven't done a lot lately ;-)

Well, slow going without a compressor  :-\ 

Managed to get a chain guard fashioned out of some flat stock. I read somewhere it needs to be 1.5 times the width of the chain? Might have been some regs for historic racers, but seems like a good starting point.

Let me know if you think it will work, or if needs modifying? There seems to be a lot of 'air' around it, but I'm not sure how much clearance I need?

Got most of the powder-coating done now. For some reason, I'd forgotten about the clutch cover, some I'll drop that off too.

Meanwhile, I've pulled the thing apart again because since painting it, I've added a couple of mounts for the rear fender I made, and also did some similar work on the swing-arm. Rather than touch it up, I re-did the two pieces.

Work continues in the background on adapting the Mikuni's to play nicely. It seems the set I have has some 'issues', so the seller is sending another 2 sets he has lying around to make good. I'm happy with that, but it's been a bit of a long haul.

I should also draw your attention to the obligatory SOL box adapted as a temporary fuel supply mount.


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