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Good news-bad news. I finally got the replacement carbs that have bee holding me up. The bad news is they're gonna need a lot of work to get thm clean.

This is what I'm up against. The outside of both sets has been painted, and that needs to come off. Luckily the bead blasting makes short work of that.

Inside is a whole different story  >:( 

What the hell do you guys put in your petrol to cause this shit to happen?? 

... and it stinks! Like a real stinky-thing!

Anyway, not sure what I'll use to clean them up. The spray carb-cleaner barely shifts it, and our petrol doesn't seem to disolve much of it either. I've left one soaking overnight, and I'll have a look when I get home tonight, bit I'm in for some long smelly hours I think. I hear a look of guys talking about pine-sol, but we don't get that here. Any Aussie out there with experience shifting this crap?

So, for shits and giggles, I got me a zinc-plating kit.

I think I'm going to get a fair bit of use out of it too. I'm sick of getting stuff back only to find some of it missing. It's only for the zinc stuff, because its fairly easy to get good results. Nickel and chrome is a bit less tolerant.

I'm happy with the initial results, which I suspect will get better with practice.

Best thing is the convenience.

Well, it's time to pull the donor motor out for preparation. The 900s have a removable frame section that lets you pull the motor out sideways. To make this a 1-man show, I made a little cradle for my trolley jack to balance the motor while I wheel it out. Fortunately I had another motor I could measure and estimate the centre of balance. In the end it worked out pretty good, with the centre being pretty much directly under the crank.

Here's the set-up ready to go

Not in, and not out, but so nicely balanced, I had time to take a pic :-)

Gee, it doesn't look this wide when you're sitting on it!

Now I have to wait for my son to come around and give me a hand putting it in to my engine stand, where I can work on getting it ready for paint.

Well, we move a step closer.

Managed to clean it all up and cover it with new paint:

nearly ready to re-install.


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