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Anniversary present

Managed to score this gem from a friend of a friend at around the time of our 30th wedding anniversary, so this is my Anniversary Special ;-)

Bike is in pretty good shape over all, with only an aftermarket exhaust as the only departure from stock. Don't plan to do any major restoration work on it any time soon.

This is how she looked when I got her home:

It's what the Americans would call "a survivor"

There was one little addition the previous owner had fitted:

Attached to the left mirror bracket is a switch and a red and a green light. The switch operates a solenoid that flips the rear number plate up and out of view, then returns it when the "situation" has passed. All very clever, but I need to remove it because it would be more trouble than it's worth if I ever got pulled up for it.

Returned home from a ride to Lorne only to discover this little gem embedded in my new rear tyre. Was not impressed because the guys couldn't plug it because it had pierced the rubber twice, and the hole crossed-over each other. They did give me a discount on a replacement tyre tho'.